• New Shirt Added to the Shop!

    Hey guys! Hope all is well.  I am working on adding some new items to my shop, including some t-shirts that will feature my art!  Super excited. Th...
  • I'm Back!!!

    Wow! It has been a crazy year!  I have kind of slacked off in the blogging department...but have been busy in other areas.  So far this year I have...
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  • Not My Cup of Tea

    Not My Cup of Tea:Morning bitterness is not my cup of tea.My cup is the one over there, emptied and sitting for three days.The one sitting.The one...
  • Ballet of Grief: Poetry by Kelly Airhart

    Before I share this next piece I wrote with you, I want to share that it is not so literal. I don't want to take away from your intelligence, but ...
  • Time is Everything. Poetry by Kelly Airhart

      Time Is Everything: The warm sweet cinnamon coffee trickles over my thumb in the sixth hour of the morning.The gas station attendant exchanges n...
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    Today as part of our Elijah S.M.I.L.E.S. play series, Jules and Gabe are reviewing PopPops Snotz Toys!  
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  • Elijah's S.M.I.L.E.S.

    Author Kelly Airhart's Mission:Kelly's mission is to help educate and empower children with simple daily practices that optimize their me...
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    Elijah's 98 Ways to Be Kind Here are 98 ways to be kind in memory of Elijah. Share your stories of kindness with us by posting them to social media...
  • "The Show Must Go On"

    I remember our department director, Dr. Wan, telling us, "The show must go on!" He reminded us that we could not give into terrorist, because that would be letting them "win."

    So that night, I stood in front of a crowd of other confused and befuddled college students who so politely cheered me on as I did a HORRIBLE monologue about socks and organization. And then, I watched as "the show" of my life, and the lives of everyone around me, would continue to go on, and on, and on, never really stopping for anyone or anything. 

  • Please Remember Elijah

    This is the isolating part of grief. At some point I guess you just have to accept that it is mine, and only mine to carry.