98 Ways to Inspire Kindness Like Elijah!

Elijah's 98 Ways to Be Kind

Here are 98 ways to be kind in memory of Elijah. Share your stories of kindness with us by posting them to social media with the hashtags #elijahsmiles and #loveelijah. Together we can inspire the world. 


1. Smile.

2. Leave a quarter in a gumball machine.

3. Hold the door open for someone behind you. 

4. Write a nice letter to someone and send it snail mail.

5. Tell someone when they inspire you.

6. Say "thank you" more.

7. Use kind words when you are a little angry (or a lot angry).

8. Be the bigger person always. 

9. Bring a friend a surprise treat!

10. Pick up trash off the ground. Put in the proper receptacle.

11. Donate to your favorite charity.

12. Volunteer your time.

13. Paint kind words on rocks and leave them for other people to find.

14. Vote. (If you are old enough)

15. Give more compliments.

16. Visit a nursing home.

17. Plant a tree.

18. Donate a Photo via the Donate a Photo App.

19. Use the Charity Miles App. on your next walk or run.

20. Give a homeless person something to eat

21. See someone drop something? Help them pick it up!

22. Ladies! Leave a small basket or container of hair ties in the girl's bathroom at the gym. 

23.  Adopt your next pet from a shelter.

24. Help out your local food pantry. 

25. Leave random compliments on your friends' Facebook pages.

26. Leave a positive review for a business or service you enjoy.

27. Be a good example.

28. Bake for someone.

29. Bring dinner to a family you know needs a little bit of help.

30. Offer to babysit for a single parent so they can take a break.

31. Leave positive quotes or sayings on sticky notes in fun places for strangers to find.

32. Sit with the lonely.

33. Stand up for the bullied.

34. Shop local. 

35. Support independent artists.

36. Tell someone a good joke and make them laugh.

37. Write happy thoughts on the sidewalk with colorful chalk.

38. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

39. Compliment a parent when you see them doing a good job with their child(ren).

40. Empathize and be supportive when you see them struggling with their child(ren).

41. Be supportive to other human beings and remember we are here for each other.

42. Be kind to children. See their magic. Respect them and know that they are our future.

43. Call schools and ask if you can help pay for kids whose lunch bills are past due.

44. Read to your children.

45. Read to better yourself.

46. Do what you love and share it with others.

47. Ask your cashier how they are doing and genuinely listen.

48. Let someone go in front of you at the grocery store. 

49. Slow down. Enjoy the small stuff with the people you love most.

50. Bring a children's hospital books.

51. Offer to give someone a ride when you know they have car troubles.

52. Pay the toll for someone behind you.

53. Bring diapers and other baby essentials to your local Women's Resource Center. These women are trying to do best for their babies and need your love and support.

54. Practice compassion.

55. Donate toiletries to a homeless shelter.

56. Ask yourself, what can I do to be a better person today. Then do it!

57. Share your story with the world. Let someone know they are not alone in their struggles.

58. Be a mentor.

59. Give your seat up for someone who needs it more (or just because.) 

60. Take interest in your friend's projects. Support their arts and talents. 

61. Take your mom out to dinner, or make dinner for her. Thank her for all the dinners she made for you. (You can also do this for dad!)

62. If your friend has lost a loved one, tell them you love them and are so sorry for their loss. Those words matter. They need to hear from you! 

63. Use Amazon Smile when you are making your Amazon purchases.

64. Donate blood.

65. Sign up to be an organ donor.

66. Learn CPR.

67. Leave a surprise note in your child's lunch box reminding them that they matter and you love them.

68. Bring home your spouse's favorite treat and thank them for their loving support.

69. Tell the truth.

70. I personally love when people share something with me on my Facebook page that reminds them of me. It reminds me how lucky I am to have people who think of me.

71. Lighten up! Have some fun. Laugh. Enjoy life. 

72. Listen to someone when they need to talk. You don't have to have advice. Sometimes someone just wants to get it all out. If they are talking to you, they trust you. 

73. Instead of bashing the person who sends multiple "chainmail" messages, respond and ask how they are doing. In my experience these people are lonely and just want someone to talk to.

74. Know when to say "no," and do it in a loving way.

75. Forgive.

76. Clean up the coffee station.

77. Report spills at the store if you can not clean them up yourself. 

78. Change the subject when someone starts to gossip around you. 

79. Make friends with people who are different from you. 

80. Organize a board game night for your family or friends. 

81. Pay for a suspended coffee.

82. Research where you spend your money. Put your money into businesses that are making the world a better place.

83. Invite friends who can't go home for the holidays to share the holidays with you and your family.

84. Let people merge on the interstate.

85. Hold the elevator.

86. Buy lemonade from kids' lemonade stands.

87. Support your local library. 

88. Make good choices.

89. Donate old Halloween costumes to children's hospitals

90. Bring fast food workers cookies or candy through the drive-through window! See them light up when they feel appreciated. 

91. Before you complain, make sure it is worth your time and energy, and other people's emotions. 

92. Cut out coupons from your Sunday paper and tape them to the corresponding items in the store to help others save money.

93. Treat people as unique individuals.

94. Give more high fives.

95. Stay out of the comment sections on social media, unless you have something kind or constructive to say.

96. Bring your coworkers something to munch on. Nothing makes a crumby work day better like good food!

97. Even when no one is looking, choose to do the right thing.

98. Love yourself. Love yourself so much that you have no room in your heart for hate, intolerance, or judgement. Remember that everyone we meet is fighting their own battles, so just be kind. 





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