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This past Friday night Alex and I, along with the writing group we belong to, "Writers of Anarchy," did a live reading of original writing at Off Center Arts in downtown Albuquerque. It was a very proud mom moment for me to see Alex overcome his nervousness and totally rock his first public speaking gig. He made eye contact with the crowd, he was loud, and clearly spoken. Rock on Alex!


I read a snippet from the "prologue," to a novel I am working on. The working title of the novel is "Elijah: The End of the Beginning." It will be the first book in a series, if I ever actually finish the thing. Anyways, I wanted to share with you what I read to the audience:

"One day, while on a walk with his mother, Time stepped in a still calm stream near the family’s home, and Chaos stood in amazement as the water began to move rapidly around the small child. The water became so strong that it knocked Time over and into the grass. Each blade he touched turned instantly into tall winding weeds or full blooming wild flowers. Everything he touched seemed to be set in motion.
Startled and confused, Chaos scooped Time into her arms and hurried back to tell The Creator about her son’s effect on The Earth. Upon her arrival The Creator grabbed her face and asked what happened—her once eternally youthful face now looked old and worn. Chaos told The Creator about Time making the water move and the grass grow rapidly. She explained that anything Time touched seemed to move and change. She had not thought that his touch would also make her body change, for in Purgatory she was immortal and her body was forever young. It seemed that her time on Earth was changing her as well.
The Creator became worried about Chaos. Her body continued to grow weaker and weaker. She could not touch her children without the fear of becoming more ill. He decided that he would bring his family back to The Heavens—there she would be immortal.
Together the family climbed to the top of a mountain that stood taller than any of the other mountains. The mountain reached beyond the clouds and offered a passageway to The Heavens. The Creator carried Chaos along the way as her face turned frail and tired. Time and  Death trailed behind them, watching the sky turn from warm to hot, and then cool to cold. As they traveled the trees around them sprouted beautiful green leaves that changed into a fiery red that matched their mothers hair, before turning a deep dark brown and falling to the ground.
As they reached the top of the mountain, Chaos fell quiet and the first snowflake fell. Death and Time stood still. A single tear fell from The Creator’s eye and from it a door of ice grew from the cold earth. As the door opened The Creator carried Chaos across it quickly. As they crossed over to The Heavens Chaos took a breath and her hair began to glow a fiery red again. She stood slowly on her feet and regained her strength and youthful glow.
Relieved to see their mother return to herself, Death and Time rushed to the doorway. However, they found that they could not cross. They pressed and pushed against an invisible shield, crying for their parents. Chaos screamed for her children as the door began to close in front of her. The Creator tried everything he could, but seemed to be powerless over Earth’s barrier. It was as if the planet had decided to keep the children for herself."
Kelly Airhart
It was a lovely evening, and I am so glad we found this writing group. I received a lot of nice compliments about my writing, and after the event Alex and I hung out with some new friends downtown for the Art Walk. 
Kelly Airhart
This coming Saturday I have my first live reading of my latest children's book, "Albert's Cookie" at the Juan Tabo Library at 1pm if anyone is interested. After the reading there will be books available for purchase and fun free arts and crafts!
Now, I am going to rest and probably paint a little bit (I really should probably share some of my paintings on my webpage or blog...if you'd like to see them they are on my Instagram page). Today the kids and I drove to Jemez and played at a really cool rock formation and stream, I'll post a video and more about that tomorrow.
BTW, my youngest son Elijah's anniversary of "going to Heaven," is September 10th. I am still trying to figure out something special to do for this year's anniversary, since my plan to go to California and put sunflowers in the ocean kind of fell through (due to lack of funds). We do daily acts of kindness in his memory, and his legacy is love, but right now I'm a total loss. I feel like we should do something special for him that day to show that we remember our son and he is still an important part of this family... I'll think of something I guess. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them in the comment section below. 
Thanks everyone. Sending you lots of love! 


Be Kind,

Kelly Airhart

Artist. Author. Illustrator. Changing the world one act of kindness at a time. 

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