Ballet of Grief: Poetry by Kelly Airhart

Before I share this next piece I wrote with you, I want to share that it is not so literal. I don't want to take away from your intelligence, but it is about grief. The thing is, we ALL experience grief in our lifetime. You can experience it in the loss of a job, a loss of a lifestyle, a loss of a friendship or relationship, or perhaps the death of a loved one. Tonight I was moved by grief in somewhat of a dancing idea, and so I wrote a "Ballet of Grief":

Rapid sweeping motion swooshing forward and backward.

Beyond and back to me, too far and so near.

Breathing in and out, and in and out, and near and there, and here and where.

Motionless but moving, in and under, out and over, under and afar, among the stars.

Pinks and blues, dancing hues, a degage of a mascarade.

Pirouettes and silhouettes, caged inside a ever changing changement.

I wandered from the bar to find myself clumsily on the floor.

From the floor to the stage, in front of a crowd, underneath a light, carried by music, swept away by applause.

Through their eyes, out of my pulse, on my toes.

Chills up my spine, sweat down my face, fingers stretching, knees bending.

Tightly and loosely, turning and standing still, in the air, out in space, beyond all time, before all comprehension.

I am endless, I am fleeting, I am a moment, I am creating, I am defeating.




The mirror does not lie.

A faded dream.

A demi cry.

By: Kelly Airhart


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