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I am so excited to announce that on Sept 9,2021 I released my latest book "The Awkward Life of Kelly Airhart" on Amazon in both paperback and kindle e-book!

The Awkward Life of Kelly Airhart
This book was kind of a healing process for me. I struggled so much with being the weird kid growing up. Especially when I switched to a private school in 6th grade, and was the only church scholarship kid in a class full of "rich" kids. I beat myself up so much for being different--when little did I know it would be my greatest gift in life.
I hated that it took me so long to embrace how wonderful it is to be weird. So I decided to go back and change the narrative. To write a book about a girl (me) who struggled with being different, AND who learns to embrace it and stick up for herself.
It's a very wholesome, fun-to-read book. My illustrator did an AMAZING job and I'm just really proud and excited to share it with you.
The Awkward life of Kelly Airahrt
"Kelly Airhart is starting a new school, and it stinks! Literally. Mystery ooze falls from the air conditioner, rats have eaten the intercom system, and her new crush is completely oblivious. Kelly has to overcome being the strange new girl and learn what it is like to find real friends. Is growing up really just one awkward moment after another?"
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