Claiming Victory

11/8/2021 6:19pm

Kelly Airhart

We left a two story, 5 bedroom house in Albuquerque to stay in my parent's 2 bedroom rent house in Louisiana. It has been a BIG change.

The kids are having a hard time adjusting back to small spaces. But this is not the smallest space we've lived in before.

We have lived in hotel rooms and a school bus before. 

I am certainly daydreaming of the day where we have our forever home and we don't have to adjust anymore...well after the first initial adjustment.

I am trying my best to make that daydream into a reality.

Kelly Airhart

Today I signed up for another craft show and contacted Fleurty Girl about them possibly carrying my towels again. I need every drop of exposure I can get. Social media is not going to cut it alone, and I'm not sure how to play the advertising game.

I have been working on printing towels LITERALLY all day, except for a grocery shopping trip to Walmart with Levi.

I am still working on towels. I am waiting for Roux-Dolph designs to print as I type.

Kelly Airhart

Not the most exciting update today, I guess I am just a little tired. 

All this moving and then jumping straight into business stuff has been overwhelming.

Just know that I am thankful, hopeful, and have faith that somehow Santa will pull through for us this holiday season and we will be moving into a forever home at the beginning of 2022. 

I'm claiming this victory...

But first, time to print, press, and packaging LOTS of towels.

Thank you always for your love and support.

Kelly Airhart
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  • Hi, Kelly, hope things are smoothing out with the transition back to Natchitoches. In reading your blog and you mentioning contacting Fleurty Girl, I just wondered if you have reached out to the shops along Front Street? Wish you well!!
    Ms. DeAnn

    DeAnn Carpenter

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