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11/13/2021 6:26pm

Word of advice. Don't get a gingerbread/pumpkin spice cheesecake/ cardamom sugar cookie scented candle when you are trying to diet. It smells amazing and you'll want to eat everything in sight.

kelly's christmas shop kelly airhart

But you know what? It smells 100000000% better than the cats' food and litter, so there is that. 

I have no regrets. The candle smells amazing and it is transporting me to dreams of a cozy cabin in a winter wonderland. Someone is baking me cookies and I am cozy and warm on a comfy couch with a big beautiful blanket. The feeling of the Holidays is alive in me and I feel at peace.

Meanwhile in reality, today has been an eventful day. After a couple trips to the hardware store, and some minor bickering, my husband helped me start construction on my Christmas tree peg boards I am going to use to display my hand painted ornaments at shows this season. 

 kelly's christmas shop  kelly's christmas shop


Tomorrow I hope we get them ready to paint, because I have my first show of the season on the 16th. 

This past week I sent out 120 towels to Fleurty Girl in New Orleans and 72 towels all over the country (and even Canada)!


I'm not sure what the full count is right now, because my brain is in overdrive a thousand different directions, but I'm sure I still need somewhere over 4,000 towels sold to buy a house. At least 2,000 or so to have enough money to cover down payment on a home and moving costs. I am pretty determined.

Last night I emailed and messaged several shops inquiring about them possibly carrying my towels. I got a few responses saying that they will contact me next week, so I am hoping this is a good sign.

I didn't really think about it being Friday night when I sent the messages out. I was just so excited! ...hopefully I hear back from quite a few of them.

(Man I really want a cookie....darn you candle!!!)

Send lots of love. I am going to package up some Etsy orders, and prepare for this first show. 

If you are in Natchitoches, come see me at the Jingle and Mingle event on the 16th! 

jingle and mingle

May your days be merry and bright!

Kelly Airhart
Author and Artist
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