Hope In Action

11/10/21 7:58pm

Kelly's Christmas Shop

I am taking a break from the 400 degree heating press and the work to decompress for a moment. 

Thankful am I, to have the work, but it is still work--no matter how gratifying it is.

I have caught myself the last few days in moments of doubt and worry. What if I don't make enough to buy my kids a house? What do I do after Christmas? I have a VERY specific "set of skills."

And then I get another notification from Etsy and the hope bubbles up again.

Magically enough, today I read a quote on Pinterest that said something like, "Hope is not just a feeling, it is an action."

Hope in action. That is what I am doing.

Short blog tonight. I have quite a few orders to wrap up and tomorrow I start on an order of 120 towels for Fleurty Girl.

I am one very tired and thankful momma.

Seriously, thank you.

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