Sedona Hike and Heal 2018

 Sedona Hike and Heal 2018

This past weekend I hosted my first ever Women's Retreat in breathtaking Sedona, Arizona. Myself, and three other inspiring women, stayed in a super cute Air BnB, did Vortex Yoga on top of a mountain, got our color auras read, and found direction in a Medicine Wheel Ceremony with a Native Mystic. It was simply amazing.



I could use this blog post to brag about the amazing retreat I planned, or all the fun we had together, but I really think that I need to take the opportunity to speak of something much bigger than this. I want to say how truly thankful I am for human kindness and goodness. I also want to talk about the importance of not giving up when you are pursuing your dreams. 

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."

I left Louisiana with all odds stacked against me. I had a frozen bank account, very little cash, and over 18 hours to travel. I also only had 3 participants. I was operating at a loss. There were many reasons for me not to go to Sedona. However, there was one major reason to still go. I had a dream.

I have a passion to help others, I am creative, and I love travel. I want to host retreats, and I have the confidence that I can do this. I knew my first retreat would be a challenge. I just never imagined it being this big of a challenge.

I literally begged and borrowed my way to and from Sedona. I made this journey relying on the kindness of strangers, my husband, and my mom. My husband lovingly used his bank card to book my Air BnB stay, even though he knew that we were losing money by me still hosting this retreat. Strangers paid for my gas more than several times out of the kindness and goodness of their hearts. Some of them even bought me food! My mom let me borrow a good bit of money, trusting that somehow I would be able to pay her back--even though at this point I was sure I would never be able to use my bank account again. Oh! And the women at my retreat were so understanding and accommodating. I am truly blessed. 

If it weren't for the graciousness of other souls, I would have never pulled this off. I can not put into words how thankful I truly am for this experience. As soon as my bank account was unfrozen, I paid it forward. I bought a homeless man a footlong sub. While this may not match the amount of money that I was given by strangers to cover my gas and food, the love was there. I will continue to pay this generosity forward on every journey I make.

I am also thankful for the challenges I faced, because they taught me that I can make anything happen even when things get a bit challenging. The journeys we make in life often show us what we are truly made of. This retreat taught me that I am resourceful, caring, gracious, and determined. I do not and will not give up.

I hope this blog post encourages you to never give up on your dreams. Obstacles are just illusions. People are generally kind, if you let them be. You can do anything you set your heart to do.

Sending you lots of love. Have a beautiful day.

~Kelly Airhart

“Whatever path bought you here
There is a reason why you came,
Though you may not know it now.
So, please open your ears and listen.
Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.” 
― Ilchi Lee, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart


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