It's Almost Fall Ya'll

Kelly Airhart


Fall scented candles are lit, making the house smell like what I imagine the little house in the big woods smelt like when Maw made a pie, or some maple syrup. 


It's almost fall ya'll. It starts on the 21st. I'm ready for cooler weather and the poetic changing of the leaves. Most of all, I'm ready for some fresh hot apple cider. 


pumpkin the cat compost pumpkin
(pumpkin the cat and the pumpkin growing out of my compost pile...
both ready for fall too!) 


September 21 is also the day my family drops off my oldest son for his new job at Yellow Stone National Park. I am both excited and a finding it hard to let go. 

The program he is entering seems like such a supportive work environment. Everything I have read about the program seems great. I truly hope that he has a wonderful experience and that he is met with kindness. I also hope that he treats others with kindness during his stay. 

Whatever happens, I hope he knows that I am here for him no matter what and am proud of him for making such a big leap!

(this is not my picture. I found it on Facebook today
and claimed it as my new personal motto)

I'm sure as the time comes, I will be more emotional and have more to say about all of this... but right now my mind is hyperfocused on my family's big move at the end of October. I have been looking at houses for sale and/or rentals in our budget, and I'm struggling. The housing market is insane right now. 

Part of me wants to just pack up only what we need, donate the rest, and set off on a tour of the US. That part of me has also done her research, and knows that it is also pricey, and would require some stable remote income...which could be a challenge. Although at this point, I'd rather through my money at traveling and an exciting adventure than throw more money away on rent. I'm just not sure my cats are up for that long of a road trip in a car--and I don't have the money to throw at an RV. 

kelly airhart

Our current rental was kind of a miraculous happening, but now the landlord wants to sell, and I don't blame her. The housing market is hot here in Albuquerque, with lots of people moving here from California. A lot of landlords are selling. I honestly wish her the best. I love my landlord. But that doesn't make it any less challenging to find a decent place to rent right now that is in our price range.

Our original idea was to build, and it's still kind of my dream to buy land and build an earth home, or a tree house, or anything out of the ordinary...and maybe it is still in the stars for us? I just have to sell a LOT of books.

"Home is where the heart is..." and my heart is this family. 

I suppose when the time comes, we will find our footing. Right now it's packing boxes, getting Alex to Yellowstone, and enjoying the messy middle as it plays out. 

There is no straight line to success so maybe the road to our house is just long and winding... or maybe this is the shipwreck before we build our Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. 


Thank you always for your love and support!

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