#kellythoughts: Let Go of Perfect Parenting

How many of us strive to be the "perfect parent" only to end up feeling like a complete failure when we think we fall short. I love my kids and want to give them the world! However, life has been hard up to this point and our family has been through trauma and grief, and that can turn your world upside down! I have learned that sometimes we just have to let go of the idea of being a "perfect parent" and be the best parent we can be today.
I have also learned that sometimes all I can give my kids is my love-- and that is ok. Being a parent is a BIG job and it is messy! There is no 💯absolutely perfect way to raise a child. And we as parents are going to make mistakes and fall short. It is okay to accept that and learn from mistakes. Sometimes we have to grow with our children. 
So today, I want you to let go of the idea of being a "perfect parent." Let go of all the things you have not done for your children. Pull out your pen and paper and make a new list of all the things you HAVE done for your children and focus on that instead. 
Look at that! You are an amazing parent after all. 😘😘😘😘
Your children are so lucky to have you, now go give them a hug and take a deep breath. You can do this 😊

kelly airhart

Kelly Airhart



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