#kellythoughts: Let Go of the Future

Here's a funny concept for you today. We've all heard of letting go of the past (which I highly recommend), but have you ever heard of letting go of the future? We are alive, right NOW, in this very moment. We have everything we need in this very moment. When we get too caught up in the future, or get stuck in the thought of, "When this happens, things will get better," we are taking away from the present moment.

When is the last time you have stopped to feel the air coming in and out as you breathe and just be thankful for being alive right NOW? One thing I have learned from my son Elijah's death is that there is no promised future, we only really have the now... We should learn to make the best of it.

The future will take care of itself if you take care of you RIGHT NOW.

Right NOW I invite you to take a moment to look all around you and see the colors, feel the air, be thankful for your life and LIVE in the moment. Let go of the future. Live in the now. You are so blessed to be here.

Sending you all so much love 😘🌻😘🌻


kelly airhart

Kelly Airhart


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