#Kellythoughts: Letting go.

I read somewhere that you are allowed to reinvent yourself each and every day until you are happy. And it's 💯 true! If something is not working for you, you are allowed to let it go.

This past week, I have been working on letting go of the feelings and beliefs about myself that were holding me back. Each morning, before I start my gratitude journaling, I pull out a piece of paper and write in big fat letters, "TODAY I'M LETTING GO OF..." and then I just write all the bad things I no longer want to feel.

Some examples of feelings I am letting go of are: anger, rage, hurt, jealousy, comparison, feeling not good enough, ECT. I also am letting go of: playing it small, or being hidden, and being broke.

Then when I am done with the list I say "I now release all the things that do not serve me with love. Thank you." And I burn the sheet of paper.

You might find you have to let go over and over again for a while...and that's ok. Making the list over and over again is actually helping your brain process the idea of letting go.

I find this process speaks to the creative and constructive part of me. Instead of just saying I want to be better, I am taking action and seeing the let go...

So are you ready to let go? Are you ready to reinvent? What's stopping you? Get out there and live your best life!

Lots of love 😘


kelly airhart

Kelly Airhart


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