#kellythoughts: Letting go of Expectations

I just burned the hell out of my "letting go" list and one of the things I let go of today is expectations. Expectations of myself, of how today is going to go, of other people, of other people's expectations of me... Blah. That is a lot of weight to carry isn't it? When we set up expectations, we are asking for disappointment. Instead of expectations, why not explore the idea of setting boundaries, knowing what we won't accept, and then simply enjoying what we can make out of what we have.
ALSO, stop worrying so much of what other people think. Other people are not living your life! We are allowed to have a different point of view, or a different passion, a different hobby, a different lifestyle, as long as it all operates from a place of love. Love is always the answer. Let all the other B.S. go!!!! 
Take that pen and paper out today and write your "let go" list. It might not change your life dramatically today, but you can not make dramatic change if you don't start trying. Remember do what you can with what you have-- you have you. You can do the work. 
Sending you lots of love 😘 Have a beautiful day 😘

kelly airhart

Kelly Airhart


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