#Kellythoughts: Morning Ritual

I invite you to let go this morning and every morning. Yesterday I talked about a morning practice I have. First thing in the morning as I wait for my tea to cool, I grab by gratitude journal and I pick a new page (that will be ripped out soon), and I write out a list of all the "bad" feelings I want to let go of. Then I take them in the back yard, in a safe space, and I burn the list giving myself a physical connection to the "let go" so I can see it and physically connect to the experience. 
AND I also make sure I let go with love and gratitude because these feelings were trying to protect me, or they may have served their purpose at one time. It's perfectly ok to experience "bad feelings" because we are human, and many times we have lessons to learn or we go through unjust situations and our feelings can be guideways through emotional times. It's important to honor them, AND it is important to recognize when they have served their purpose and need to be released😊 Isn't it fun being a human? Lol. 😝
Wishing you a beautiful day of peace and joy!
Go make the world a better place ♥️😘♥️ 

kelly airhart
Kelly Airhart

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