Moving Stinks

11/6/2021 6:17pm

I haven't blogged in a while...well...consistently anyway. 

I haven't been fairly consistent in anything these days except for probably stress and worry--two things I very much don't enjoy.

We found out this summer that we were going to have to move out of our rental in Albuquerque, and as much as I thought I would be ready for it when the time came, I never got ready. 

I tried.

I really did.

I tried looking for land to build on, or some sort of clever way to make a dream home appear in the awkward and difficult situation we were in. I tried looking for rentals in an impossible housing market. I even went and talked to a banker about how to raise my credit score, so that maybe one day I wouldn't have to rent and dump all my money into something I will never own.

All of this I did, while writing a book and trying to take care of children with special needs--and struggling through my own PTSD and probably a multitude of other interesting undiagnosed quirks. 

And where am I now? A self published author, with a really good book that a few people have read and a few states away from Albuquerque at my parent's rent house.

kelly airhart

I am still honestly in the grieving period. I LOVED where we lived in Albuquerque. I loved that house. I loved my childrens' therapist. I loved the mountains and the beautiful desert sky. I loved the volcanos and the ease of being next to everything I needed. I was not as prepared as I thought I would be to move.

But here we are.

And here I am, trying to piece together my life while cramming in a WHOLE bunch of work on my art this holiday season trying to earn enough money for a downpayment or some magic way to purchase a forever home for my children-- so that we never have to go through the heartbreak of this kind of move again.

It's a long story with an ever longer backstory...

And maybe I'll write through all of it. Some of you already know it. Maybe I'll be blessed with some new readers who don't. 

I am in a strange mood tonight.

Hurting deeply for the life I left behind. Familiar in grief. And thankful for the moment, that I don't have any big bills to pay. 

Determined to be better.

Waiting for 12 hours to pass so that I can super clean my printer again, and praying that it will fix itself since the printer costs like $300 to replace and I don't have the time for this right now.


Watching the latest season of "You" on my laptop and painting these snowmen ornaments.


Going a little bit crazy because my boys have way too much energy for this tiny little living room crammed full of stuff.

Wishing it all comes together and I find my children a forever home and the help they need to have a successful and happy life.

Proud of myself for pausing in all the chaos to sit and try to write a blog again.

Taking a deep breath now and pressing forward. 

Thanks always for your love and support.

Kelly Airhart
Author and Artist
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