My Life, The Hallmark Christmas Movie

11/7/2021  7:14pm

Today I made a Facebook post about my life basically being the beginning to a Hallmark Christmas Movie:

Hallmark Movie

I did end up meeting with the small Christmas Tree farm owner, and ya'll she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. I am blessed to have such a wonderful caring person who wants to help me be successful. I also want to help her be successful as well. So, if you need a Christmas Tree this season and you are in Natchitoches, PLEASE consider shopping at 4 Seasons Christmas Tree Farm.  (when they open later this month--check out their hours)

*Also I'll be there selling all my super cool Christmas stuff ;)

4 Seasons Christmas Tree Farm


It's been an emotional rollercoaster moving back "home" into this tiny house. My crafting stuff is EVERYWHERE. 

Kelly Airhart

Kelly Airhart

The kids are doing their best to adjust but I know that they are struggling to regulate and I have no therapist to help right now.

I just hope all this uncomfortableness makes me push harder to reach my goals this holiday season and get that dream house for my children. They deserve so much more than I will ever be able to give them.

I wish they knew how much I love them and how broken I feel knowing I have struggled these last five or six years since their baby brother passed away. 

I wish my love for them could fix all of this.

I wish I had a miracle.

But right now, I have work to do. I have 5,000 towels, or books, or ornaments, or whatever to sell. I have a downpayment on a house (or more) to earn. I have a Hallmark Movie Miracle to achieve.

I have a best selling story to write.

Roux-Dolph and Blitzen

Oh P.S. I have towels available on my Etsy page now! You should really check them out, because they are super cute <3 And if I sell 5,000 of them I can literally almost buy a house in cash (it will be a fixer upper, but it will be ours lol). Help a momma out <3

Thank you for all your love and support. You guys are amazing. I am truly thankful to have such wonderful people supporting me.

Seriously, thank you.

Kelly Airhart
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