Painting Yoga Mats


Last night I painted my first Yoga Mat! It was pretty fun! I'm not 100% done with it, I still need to touch up a few places and put a protective and shiny coat over it, but I love it! I'm going to paint some more mats and use these for my yoga classes--giving my class a unique "vibe," and giving me an opportunity to see how well the paint holds up before I decide to start selling them.

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I choose to make lotus flowers representing each of the seven chakras. Each chakra has a color that represents it.

But what is a chakra exactly? Well to keep it simple, the chakras are the centers in our bodies where it is believed that energy flows through. 

Starting from the bottom and going to the top, the colors are just like the colors of the rainbow:

-Root Chakra (Red): Located at the base of the spine. Defines the body's relationship with the earth. It impacts survival, vitality, and passion. 

-Sacral Chakra (Orange): Located at the pubic bone, just below the navel. It is known to be the sexual center and the primary source of creativity. It impacts sexuality, creativity, desire, the reproductive system, and compassion.

-Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow): Located in the region from the breastbone to the navel. It is the primary source of personal power and success. It impacts feelings of high energy, cheerfulness, joy, and even our sense of sight. 

-Heart Chakra (Green): Located directly over the heart center.  Known to be associated with nature and the wholeness in our lives. Impacts our relationships, including love and marriage. 

-Throat Chakra (Blue): Located in the throat, but also connected to the jaws, teeth, ears, neck vertebrae and other mouth glands.  When open, it brings honest and effective communication to the forefront. It also improves artistic and spiritual abilities in our bodies. Impacts communication, expression, and listening skills. 

-Third Eye Chakra (Indigo): Located at the center of the forehead. Enables humans to see the bigger picture, and aids in imagination. Impacts focus, telepathic abilities, and thought. 

-Crown Chakra (Violet): Located above the head. Enlightens the spiritual connections of one individual to others, and to their chosen higher power. Impacts spirituality, knowing right from wrong, and other extraordinary activities. 

Pretty neat huh?

This Tuesday at 6am, I teach my first Yoga/meditation class! I am a little nervous, but mostly excited. I am mostly looking forward to helping others find peace of mind, but it will also be nice to do something I love and maybe make some money too. 

Feel free to send lots of love and prayers this way! My husband also starts teaching kickboxing classes and doing personal training this week. 

Learn more about Kick Back Fitness here. 

I'm logging off for the evening. I have a lot of "work" to do tomorrow , and Julien (my 9 year old) needs to go to the walk in clinic first thing in the morning to get his ears checked. The line to that door at 7:45am is like the old school lines to buy concert tickets lol. (That might be a slight exaggeration...maybe). 

Remember whatever your dreams are, they are worth chasing and you are worth achieving them. Also remember that following your dreams takes time and you will run into failures and bumps in the roads. This is okay. You are stronger than your failures. You are resilient. You are great. We will struggle together until we find our victory, and enjoy the small wins along the way. 

I love you guys.

Go change the world. Do it for Elijah.

Good night!

~Kelly Airhart

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