• Please Remember Elijah

    This is the isolating part of grief. At some point I guess you just have to accept that it is mine, and only mine to carry.
  • A Reading From the Book Elijah

    "As they reached the top of the mountain, Chaos fell quiet and the first snowflake fell. Death and Time stood still. A single tear fell from The Creator’s eye and from it a door of ice grew from the cold earth. As the door opened The Creator carried Chaos across it quickly. As they crossed over to The Heavens Chaos took a breath and her hair began to glow a fiery red again. She stood slowly on her feet and regained her strength and youthful glow."
  • Grief (and Thestrals)

    Harry: [Referring to the Thestrals] What are they?Luna They're called Thestrals. They're quite gentle really but people avoid them because, they'r...