What It's Really Like (for me... today)

11/17/2021 10:59pm

Do people read blogs still? Like is this a thing? I feel like I gravitate more towards reading short posts on social media, or watching cute videos on Tiktok, but I LOVE to blog.

Finding the time to blog is the biggest thing. I don't know how these powerhouse business women do it...

Well I do know, I think. Ghostwriters, professional photographers, and lots of help!!!

Right now I should be working on towels and finishing up orders, but my heating press in on the kitchen table in this tiny little house we are currently staying in and my kids are sleeping on a mattress in the living room. Julien woke up and complained about it being hot...and I thought I should probably stop so he can sleep. (Did I mention my goal this Christmas is to sell enough stuff to buy us a house...and that is just temporary???)

Being a mom with kids who have BIG needs AND trying to run a small business single handedly is tough. Being a mom who just had to move her children with special needs to another state and doesn't currently have therapy lined up, AND is living somewhat chaotically AND running a business single handed is even more tough.... 


This is NOT a complaint. I am SUPER thankful for the challenge, and I hope it grows so much I can hire help... but I try to tell my story as it is...and it has been extremely challenging to give them the time and attention they need, while trying to make towels, plan for shows, etc. etc. 

Today, I had to make time for them, because they need me. And I am a mom first.

And now, I am up late...working when I feel like sleeping, because I need to fill orders and prepare for a show this weekend. 

In my head I have my Hallmark Channel Dreamy Christmas Tree Farm (or Just a Dreamy Christmas Shop and café) with lots of super fun helpers who make my work easy-peasy...and my evenings are spent on my big comfy couch sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace knowing everything is under control.

Also, a hot bath and sleep sound lovely too.

Maybe I should do that and resume work in the morning... After I fold a FEW more towels.

Kelly's Christmas Shop

OH! Last night was my first event! Jingle and Mingle in Natchitoches. It was really cute and fun! I did pretty well and had a great time.

Learning a lot and working on presentation as I go. But overall, I am really proud.

OK, for real...back to a little bit more work, and then a nice hot bath and GOOD sleep (providing the cats allow it).

May your days be Merry and Bright! 

Kelly Airhart


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*I'll be at Mistletoe and More this weekend! Come see me <3

IMistletoe and More Show Bossier City Louisiana






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