Wolves in the Sky

I've been seeing wolves in the sky lately, disguising themselves as clouds. The first I saw sometime on a long drive home last week. I saw the other just now as I walked out to my car to look for something. 

I did not take a picture of either--which is odd for me. I was driving the first time I spotted the great wolf in the sky, so I could only capture his beauty in my memory. Today I missed the opportunity because I left my phone on my freshly bed. 

The freshly made bed is almost a disguise too. Like the wolves hiding themselves in the clouds, my typical cluttered mess is now hiding in boxes...in preparation for the big move at the end of next month. My room almost looks like that of a sane person. A person who makes there bed and tidies up a bit each day. 

I looked up what it means to see wolves in the clouds and only got nothing on the meaning of the cloud visions. Wolves are apparently symbols for "loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, playfulness, and other noble traits."

There is an emphasis on trusting one's instincts in wolf symbolism. Which is quite funny to me right now, because I have no idea what my instincts are telling me... other than to run wild and free. However, I don't have the means--which seems ironic.

It costs so much money to have a little plot of the earth, when all of the earth gave her self to us so freely. I am stuck without a home of my own, because I owe it to other people to pay such a high price. 

What I would give to be like a wolf, running free in the forest, dipping my paws in a crisp stream somewhere right now. Owing no one. Only living for myself and my family.

I love the modern world, and I know I am quite spoiled by it, but my love for the unruly seems to be too much for the modern "traditional" way of living.

Is there a full moon tonight? I feel like howling.

Lots of love,

Kelly Airhart
Author and Artist
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