• Sunday in Jemez Springs

    When I got home, I packed the kids up for a little road trip to one of their favorite spots we found since moving to New Mexico. We drove about 1 1/2 hours to Jemez Springs, where there is lots of culture, colorful red rock, mountains, peaceful streams, hot springs, and waterfalls. There is so much of Jemez Springs that we have left to explore and I can not wait to spend more time there. 
  • A Reading From the Book Elijah

    "As they reached the top of the mountain, Chaos fell quiet and the first snowflake fell. Death and Time stood still. A single tear fell from The Creator’s eye and from it a door of ice grew from the cold earth. As the door opened The Creator carried Chaos across it quickly. As they crossed over to The Heavens Chaos took a breath and her hair began to glow a fiery red again. She stood slowly on her feet and regained her strength and youthful glow."
  • This is the Photo that Got me Banned from Facebook

    I was still kind of groggy headed, but excited about the morning's activities, so after the phone call ended I decided to share the photos to facebook. And then it happened, the flag went up and I was put in "facebook jail" for the next week because I was now a repeat offender. "Of what?" you ask! Of posting a photo of my long haired SON in his bathing suit. 
  • #kellythoughts: Let Go of the Future

    Here's a funny concept for you today. We've all heard of letting go of the past (which I highly recommend), but have you ever heard of letting go of the future? We are alive, right NOW, in this very moment. We have everything we need in this very moment. When we get too caught up in the future, or get stuck in the thought of, "When this happens, things will get better," we are taking away from the present moment. 
  • #thedailygabe Gabe Goes to the Library

    Gabe was fresh out of ideas for his painting tonight... But today we went to the library here for the first time and I got a library card, which ...
  • #kellythoughts: Let Go of Perfect Parenting

    How many of us strive to be the "perfect parent" only to end up feeling like a complete failure when we think we fall short. I love my kids and want to give them the world! However, life has been hard up to this point and our family has been through trauma and grief, and that can turn your world upside down! I have learned that sometimes we just have to let go of the idea of being a "perfect parent" and be the best parent we can be today.
  • #thedailygabe: Gabe Plays the Guitar

    If you are not familiar with #thedailygabe, my seven year old son Gabriel have this little thing where each day he provides me with a story to paint, and I paint it. For instance, today I asked Gabriel what he wanted me to paint, and he said, "Me playing guitar."

    So here we are:

  • #kellythoughts: Letting go of Expectations

    I just burned the hell out of my "letting go" list and one of the things I let go of today is expectations. Expectations of myself, of how today is going to go, of other people, of other people's expectations of me... Blah. That is a lot of weight to carry isn't it? When we set up expectations, we are asking for disappointment. Instead of expectations, why not explore the idea of setting boundaries, knowing what we won't accept, and then simply enjoying what we can make out of what we have.
  • #kellythoughts: Letting Go of Boredom

    Feeling bored is a result of a lot of things. It is not usually because we are lazy or have "nothing to do.' Boredom can come from loneliness, anxiety, grief, depression, anger, or other self defeating feelings. The truth is that these are some of the toughest feelings to honor and these feelings are also some of the hardest to let go. BUT if you feel stuck in boredom mode, why not explore these feelings?

  • #Kellythoughts: Summer Solstice

    Yesterday was the summer solstice. It was a beautiful reminder to let go of the dark and step into the light. Sometimes letting go can be scary, EVEN if you know something is causing you unneeded stress or harm. If it is all you have ever known, pain can be weirdly comforting and feel safe. And sometimes the process of letting go can feel like ripping a band-aid off, which can feel scary! No wonder so many of us hold on to damaging habits for so long.... 
  • #Kellythoughts: Morning Ritual

    I invite you to let go this morning and every morning. Yesterday I talked about a morning practice I have. First thing in the morning as I wait for my tea to cool, I grab by gratitude journal and I pick a new page (that will be ripped out soon), and I write out a list of all the "bad" feelings I want to let go of. Then I take them in the back yard, in a safe space, and I burn the list giving myself a physical connection to the "let go" so I can see it and physically connect to the experience. 
  • #Kellythoughts: Letting go.

    I read somewhere that you are allowed to reinvent yourself each and every day until you are happy. And it's 💯 true! If something is not working for you, you are allowed to let it go.