Elijah's Smiles Change the World- Hardback

Elijah's Smiles Change the World- Hardback

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What happens when a child discovers the super powers of self-acceptance and kindness? Find out as Elijah makes the choice to change the world with his smiles.

Elijah's Smiles Change the World was written in memory of author Kelly Airhart's son Elijah. Each day Elijah's family does and act of kindness honoring the promise they made him to change the world with his love. 

It is also Kelly's hope to bring a positive change to the world by promoting mental health and kindness through literacy. She has developed Elijah's S.M.I.L.E.S. to help children have a basic understanding of positive choices they can make starting now, to help prepare them for a healthier happier balanced adulthood. 

Say something when something feels wrong.
Make something.
Inspire others with kindness.
Love yourself.
Eat well. Sleep well. Play well. 
Smile every day.

Find out more about Kelly and her family's efforts in creating a more compassionate world, check out www.elijahsmiles.com